Orchid & Tropical Plants

Send one of our orchid or other tropical plants, they can be enjoyed for months after they are delivered, and the containers make even longer-lasting keepsakes. Read more

Send a zen orchid plant

Who'd be surprised that orchid plants, with their delicate, artful profiles, represent luxury? Orchids and other exotic plants, with their warm, lush origins, send a message of adventure and rare beauty. Orchids are one of the few plants that can make a grand impression with just one single stem. That's why our orchid plants feature just a few perfect orchids, highlighting their singular beauty. Each one is selected by a professional florist for its quality. Our tropical plants range from green cymbidiums, phalaenopsis orchids, such as the Purple Imperial Orchid plant, with just one magnificent stem, to the tri-colored Regal Orchids arrangement. Each gorgeous gift conveys the stately elegance of these plants.

Orchid plant potted is an enchanting gift for any occasion

All of our orchid plants and tropical plants are presented in simple but high-quality containers made from materials like ceramic and bamboo. These containers complement our orchid plants perfectly and also make a beautiful addition to the home. Our tropical plants can be enjoyed for months after they are delivered, and the containers make even longer-lasting keepsakes. Your loved one will be surprised and delighted when one of these striking gifts arrives, straight from paradise, to their door.

Keep potted orchids in a well-ventilated spot with partial shade, away from radiators, air conditioning, and strong drafts. If your recipient doesn't have a green thumb, no need to worry. Every plant comes with instructions and is personally delivered by a florist who can provide plant care tips.

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