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Wedding Flower Colors

What is your wedding color theme? For bridal and bridesmaid's bouquets, an important point to consider is the color of the dresses. You can choose to coordinate or contrast the color of your flowers with the dresses.

Pantone's color for 2013 is emerald green! Do you want to incorporate this hue into your 2013 nuptials?

The best place to find emerald hues is in nature – set up your ceremony outdoors. Jewel toned bridesmaid dresses are one way to incorporate this vibrant color. How about green shoes? Emerald jewelry? Emerald chevron stripes on the wedding cake? Green and white flowers that include cacti and other succulents? The possibilities are endless.
  • Green wedding bouquet

    - green orchids, tropical flowers, green foliage, green hydrangeas, cacti and succulents, as well as fruit, can be incorporated into your bouquet. For a dramatic contrast, pair black bridesmaid dresses with green bouquets. Or combine pink with the green flowers for a romantic Victorian look.
  • Red wedding flowers

    - a white wedding dress and a classic red bouquet says all the right things – romance, passion and sensuality.
  • White wedding flowers

    - a classic choice for your big day. White symbolizes purity and innocence. White flowers go great with all dress colors. If your gown is white and you don't like the look of white-on-white, add a collar of dark green ruscus leaves to make the bouquet stand out beautifully.
  • Pink wedding flowers

    – feminine and pretty. Try three different varieties of pink roses in the bouquet, the different hues and shades of pink will be gorgeous.
  • Purple wedding arrangements

    – dark purple flowers can sometimes be too somber for a bridal bouquet, but you can 'lift' the color by combining them with brighter colored flowers. Dark purple combined with lime green and white flowers is stunning. The complementary color of yellow is also stunning when added to purple flowers.
  • Orange wedding flowers

    - a vibrant color scheme for those brides looking for something a little bit different. It's a great color for summer and autumn weddings.
  • Yellow wedding flowers

    - vibrant yellow wedding flowers are so bright and sunny, they will make everyone smile. Lemon and paler shades of yellow are softer and more romantic.
Is your wedding dress white? - If your wedding gown is going to be white or ivory, you will not have any problems with the color of your bouquet. You can co-ordinate your flowers with the color of your bridesmaids' dresses. Some brides are hesitant about having white flowers in-front of a white dress. One way to get around this is to add a collar of dark green leaves or other foliage around the bridal bouquet to make it stand out beautifully.

Is your wedding dress colored? - If you are going for a colored dress, then more thought needs to go into the color of your bouquet. You cannot go wrong with white wedding flowers – they always look good against a colored dress. Or go with a monochromatic color scheme and use flowers that are shades of the color of your wedding dress. For instance if your dress is blue you could incorporate flowers that include intense deep blue through to paler blues. Your third option, would be to use a complementary color. Complementary colors are colors that are opposite each other on the artist's color wheeI. So, if you have a red dress you could have a bouquet that was predominately green (the complementary color to red). The other complementary colors are yellow/purple and blue/orange. Using a complementary color provides a natural color harmony.

Do you want a seasonal color theme? - Some wedding color themes are based around the colors of the season in which the wedding is being held. For instance, brides marrying in the fall may wish to use the rich orange colors of the season teamed with the color of the bridesmaids' dresses. Close

Delphinium Iris Tweedia


Bells of Ireland Chrysanthemum, Fiji Green Trick Hydrangea Rose


Asiatic Lily Celosia Dahlia Gerbera


Cymbidium Orchid Gerbera Peony Ranunculus Rose
Sweer Pea


Alstroemeria Anemone Calla Lily Freesia Hyacinth
Hydrangea Lilac Lisianthus Matsumoto Aster Stock
Tulip Veronica


Alstroemeria Amarylis Calla Lily Carnation Chrysanthemum, disbud
Gerbera Leucadendron Ranunculus Roser Bi-Color Rose
Tulip Yarrow


Gardenia Narcissus Paper White Oriental Hybrid Lily Phalaenopsis Orchid Rose
Star of Bethlehem Stephanotis


Craspedia Gerbera Oncidium Orchidy Poppy Snapdragon
Spider Chrysantheum Sunflower
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