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Losing a loved one, whether a parent, spouse, child or aunt or uncle, is an especially difficult ordeal. Although time to grieve and carry out a relative's last wishes is important, there are also many other logistics that need to be discussed and planned out around this time.

Wreaths surrounding cremation urns and memorial photos

Cremations have become increasingly popular in recent years. Cremations can happen before or after a ceremony, allowing families to offer friends and other relatives a chance to say their final goodbyes before having the procedure done. Cremations that occur before a memorial service is another suitable choice, as the person may no longer be there in body, but he or she is still there in spirit.

A memorial picture of the lost loved one offers a warm touch that really helps bring out the best of a person's life. Another great way to honor a loved one's passing during a ceremony involving a cremation is to purchase a flowered wreath that can sit around the urn that holds the ashes. Not only will this help to add a special touch to the ceremony, but it will remind guests coming to pay their respects that life is everlasting, as seen with the beautiful blossoms.

It may be a good idea to figure out what type of flowers a lost relative loved the most, as selecting the person's favorite blossoms will help to honor him or her even more. Another way to select suitable arrangements is to consider what colors will be on the urn. If it is going to be a single color, many flowers will go nicely, however if there is a pattern, it may be best to select neutral blooms like white flowers, greenery and one other hue.

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