Yellow Roses

Send roses in yellow when you want to express friendship and platonic love. Bright and cheery yellow roses can be delivered to a residence, business, hospital, nursing home and more. Read more

Yellow rose bouquets

If you give yellow roses to someone it means that you think of this person as a good friend, so they may not be the best choice if you have romantic intentions. Yellow roses come in many shades, from pale yellow hues like lemon and apricot, to deeper shades like gold and buttercup. Sunny yellow flowers bring cheer and happiness so the are a good choice for a get well arrangement.

Yellow roses delivery by Teleflora

Send fresh-cut yellow roses, they are perfect for all kinds of special celebrations. A local Teleflora florist will hand-arrange and deliver your yellow rose bouquet to your special someone. If you order before 1pm, in you recipient's time zone they can be delivered the same-day.

The meaning you convey when you send yellow roses

Yellow roses have long symbolized friendship, each sunny flower conveying the joy and warmth that exists between confidantes. In ancient times the meaning associated with the yellow rose was warmth, life, knowledge and joy, because the yellow rose was the same color as the sun. Pre-20th century Europeans associated it with jealousy and dying love. Beginning with the 20th century they were considered symbols of friendship, appreciation, delight and platonic love.

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