Labor Day Flowers

Labor Day falls on the first Monday in September, so give summer a proper send off with a celebration filled with family, friends and beautiful flowers. Read more

Decorate with flowers on your Labor Day barbecue or picnic tables

If you have the day of work, it maybe a good idea to stay close to home. Many people mark Labor Day as the end of the summer season and a last chance to make summer trips, so there may be some congestion on highways and at airports. Host your own outdoor event, such as a pool party, barbecue or picnic. Whether you're the happy host or gracious guest, our Labor Day bouquets are as welcoming as that sweet spot on the hammock.

Labor Day is a day to allow the American worker to relax. A great Labor Day party idea is to go with an all-Amercian theme - decorate with red, white and blue flower centerpieces and US flags, banners and bunting. Many football teams play their first game of the football season during Labor Day weekend, so for football fanatics, hold a backyard barbecue decorated with our Weber King of the Grill bouquet, be sure to move the big screen TV outdoors for fans anxiously waiting to watch the first game of the season.

Our Labor Day bouquets are perfect for American themed celebrations

Labor Day is a US federal holiday. All Government offices, schools and organizations and many businesses are closed. For school children it is usually the last long weekend of the summer to have some fun before the new school year begins. The day celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers. Many working familes take part in Labor Day rallies, parades and marches. Public celebrations may also include fireworks displays.

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