Red Sympathy Flowers

Learning that a friend or acquaintance has recently lost a loved one can be difficult to swallow. Not only will you want to respect their time of mourning by giving them space to be with their family, but you may also want to send your condolences in a thoughtful and appropriate fashion.

Red says "I'm sorry for your loss"

Flowers work well to send both love and romance and also to show respect and pay tribute to those who have lost their lives. Sending a gift basket or specific bouquet of sympathy flowers may be the most appropriate way to say "I'm sorry for your loss," to a friend.

What type of flowers to send can be more of a challenge, especially if you did not really know the person who died. A great way to learn more about the person, including his or her personality, may be to look at the person's obituary to gain a sense of what they were all about in life. A person who lived life to the fullest and with passion may be best remembered with equally bold hues like red, while a more calm and compassionate person might be better honored with muted hues like pink, yellow or cream.

If your friend's loved one was bolder, red may be the way to go. Although this hue may be a bit nontraditional in terms of sympathy flowers, the bouquets can still be crafted into traditional styles - ranging from red roses that lay flat with a bow tied on them, to gorgeous blossoms in standard clear crystal vases.
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