Glass Votive Holders

Hand-cut glass votive candle holders are available in pink, lavender and orange glass and can be re-used for any occasion after the flowers have matured. Your recipient can light a candle and have indoor sunshine forever. Outdoors on a patio the 5.5" high votive holder will protect the candle from being blown out in summer breezes.

These elegant cut-glass votive bowls are from Teleflora's exclusive Flowers-in-a-Gift collection. Totally gorgeous as a vase, they can be reused time and time again, with or without flowers and enchanting as a votive holder shimmering with soft candlelight.

Did you know that holders maximize the burn time of your votive candle? A votive holder helps pool the wax and allows you to get the full burn time. Helpful Hint - For easy cleanup, place the holder in the freezer for about an hour. The wax will pop right out!
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